1. You show off a little.

Start by uploading PDFs of your best work. (Don’t worry—you don’t need any technical prowess. It’s as easy as filling out a form.) Tell us all about your publication and your pricing model. Are you going to charge for subscriptions? If so, how much? You call the shots.

Fairy Doing Magic

2. We perform some tech magic.

Once we get your info we design your native iPad app, transforming your print publication into an elegant interactive experience. Then we submit it to the Apple gods. (Apple takes 7-10 days on average to approve apps. You can’t rush the winemaking.)

Waiter Bringing Champagne

3. Together, we pop the bubbly!

Once Apple bestows its approval, you’ll receive a congratulatory email and virtual high-five from BetterPress letting you know your app is ready to hit Newsstand shelves. You’ll have a chance to check it out and shoot us your questions before it makes its red-carpet debut, of course.

Tailored for iPad

Create a native iPad app that makes readers feel like they’re unwrapping a box of kittens with each issue. Readers search for and download your publication from the App Store, then—voilà—browse it on their Newsstand. And you can take all the credit (or if you publish under our developer account BetterPress’ name will appear, legible only if you squint).

Easy to Manage

Manage the documents within your app with just a few clicks. Add, remove, and update documents in your in-app libraries without fear of wiping out files or melting down servers. Questions? We think robots stink, too, so we make it easy to speak with a human.

Apple Newsstand-Ready

Use Newsstand for automatic issue updating. That’s geek-speak for getting the latest issue onto your readers’ Newsstands—you just need to publish at least 4x a year. Every time a new issue’s ready, your subscribers will be notified so they’re fast-tracked to the front of the line, bypassing the dude with the clipboard.

No Special Software

Ever said, “I’d love to take on more responsibilities for the same pay?” Exactly. BetterPress lets you use the same programs and workflow you already use to create your print publication. With no upgrades, add-ons, plug-ins, or new software packages to learn (phew). We can use any platform that exports PDFs.


Our full analytics reporting gives you Nostradamus-like powers to see how many people read each issue, which pages are most popular, and more. You’ll be able to gauge your readers’ preferences and tweak content with the precision of a German piano-tuner.

Minimalist User Interface

There’s a reason only one person should wear white at a wedding. That’s why our subtle, elegant app interface never outshines your content. Like a sober bridesmaid, it’s there to support the experience.

Our pricing model roots for Team You.